Five best hotels of 2021

By | December 19, 2020

Hotels are the most critical place after your house to help you spend your vacation. Your hotel choice should be comfortable and calm instead of annoying irritating, And it should have the best team like the room service and other staff members. And it should be in an excellent locality with a positive vibe around. However, the last year was a complete disaster and became the major hurdle in traveling. But we want that you travel as much as you can this year, so here we are with our list of five best hotels of 2021 so that you can spend your year enjoying yourself without worrying about the hotel selection.

  1. Angama Mara, Kenya

Angama Mara, 985 feet above the ground on Maasai Mara Hills in Kenya, is one of the five best hotels of 2021 on our list. The hotel is on Hills so you can imagine the views they are going to be breathtaking. The only thing is that the rent of one person staying in that hotel for one night is more than $1,280. But for the things this beautiful hotel offers you can pay that for sure. If you ever go to Kenya, don’t miss Angama Mara.

  • Hotel Conchita, Philippines

What are the two most important things that you look for in a good hotel? It’s room service and good food, and you are going to get the high quality of both of these things in Hotel Conchita in Cagayan de Oro city center in the Philippines. The best part about this hotel is that it’s near City Beach, a museum and public transport service. Bur price of staying in that hotel for one night is just $22.00, which is crazy cheap for everything it offers.

  • The Nautilus, Maldives

The Nautilus hotel in the Maldives is one great example of living in your dreams but for real. The hotel is in a leaf-shaped alignment near the beach with fancy dinners and spa options offered by the world’s best staff. The best part about this hotel is that it has a villas division; some are on land, and some are over water. No matter where you stay, the experience is going to be surreal. The amount you have to pay to stay in this beautiful hotel is $2,232.

  • The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Believe it or not, the Peninsula is more than 93 years old hotel that is still so beautiful and lavish. The ancient spa with Chinese wellness and care techniques and working staff is more than 60 years old. There are multiple floors in the hotel tower with different rooms designed according to different countries like France, Switzerland, etc. However, if you’re planning to stay in Pensacola for a night, you have to pay at least $615.

  • Hotel Astoria, Russia
    The last on our five best hotels of the 2021 list is hotel Astoria in Russia. The hotel got built-in 1913 and offered people the most luxurious stay experience to its visitors worldwide. The rent for one night in this hotel is $254. If you want to experience what ancient Roman style rooms look like, then stay in this hotel.

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